Selected Publications

Debunking “White Zionism
Forward. (August 21, 2017.)

Richard Spencer, the prominent “alt-right” white supremacist, recently described himself to an Israeli TV interviewer as “a white Zionist”… The parallel is false, and perniciously so.

Religious ‘neutrality’ is a myth. Let City Hall light up those Christmas trees, no menorah necessary
Los Angeles Times. (December 23 [online], December 25 [print], 2016.)

Public Christmas decorations are not just acceptable, but actively good for society.

As America Wrestles with Tribalism, Jews Will Be Exhibit A
The Times of Israel. (December 14, 2016.)

Jews will be central to how we talk about tribalism because Jews are central to how Westerners think about tribalism—and we have been for a long time.

To the Young Man Shouting About Hitler on the #1 train, Et Al
The Times of Israel. (July 6, 2016.)

I’m writing to thank you for giving me the motivation I needed to keep on wearing a kippah in public.

Cloud Streaming American Judaism
The Times of Israel. (June 22, 2016.)

I fear American Jewish culture may not survive Pandora and Spotify.

The Tension of Faith: Why I Appreciate Christians Who Believe I’m Going to Hell
On Being. (Apr 10, 2016.)

Religion at its best sounds a voice that commands, a voice that will not be silenced.

Nonprofits Still Seen Struggling Long After Recession
The Jewish Week. (Dec 31, 2014.)

One billion dollars lost. That’s money that could have gone to care for the elderly in Jewish nursing homes, combat anti-Israel activity, seed Jewish startups, create cultural programs, or help day school parents facing rising tuition.

The Next Pope and the Jews
First Things. (March 2013.)

The organized Jewish community will present a long wish list to the chief cleric of a religion in which it does not believe.

Can’t Buy Me Judaism
eJewish Philanthropy
. (August 2012.)

If Judaism is merely merchandise, then it will not deserve to succeed.

Ma’alot Tsedaqah and Ordine Caritatis: Orders of Charitable Priority in Maimonides and Aquinas
Journal of Ecumenical Studies
. (Spring 2012.)

Both Maimonides and Aquinas formulated orders of priority for charitable giving. Similarities and differences between these formulations illuminate broader similarities and differences between Jewish and Christian theological conceptions of the nature of charity.

The Jews Occupying Wall Street
First Things. (October 2011.)

My people has some experience with angry mobs.

A Particularly Universal Love
First Things. (August 2011.)

I love my mother more than I love your mother. But that doesn’t mean I don’t have any empathy for your mother.

A Father’s Lectures
in This I Believe: On Fatherhood. Ed. Gediman, Gregory, Gediman. (May 2011.)

Like my father, I have become a collector of alternative angles.


VeEirastikh Li / Anah Dodi
(Music by Seth Chalmer; lyrics by Hosea and King Solomon)
a setting of verses from Hosea and Song of Songs
performed at the 2010 Shalshelet music festival